Leadership Development

The Leadership Development programme is an integral part of the NFYFC Training Programme.

It is ideally suited for members, staff or volunteers (over the age of 18 years) who are in, or are considering taking on, a leadership role within Young Farmers’ whether it be as a Club Officer, Council Member, Club Leader, County Officer, Field Worker or County Organiser.

The course is accredited through the Open College Network, so on successful completion you will receive nationally recognised certificates.

The programme is based on experiential learning and aims to enable participants to learn about themselves identify their own leadership style. They will also gain greater understanding of group dynamics and what motivates people.

Participants will learn to understand:

  • The roles people adopt in groups, and why.
  • Group Dynamics
  • What motivates people and how to use this knowledge
  • The importance of good communication
  • Appropriate leadership styles

The course runs twice a year over two weekends places are limited to three per county.